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A niche social media platform with smart toolbox for start-ups, investors, and accelerators.

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Investor challenges

  • Finding great investment opportunities is hard;
  • Endless pitch deck avalanches to find a great project;
  • Due diligence is slow and expensive;
  • Helping your portfolio companies structure and grow isn’t always easy;

Our Solutions

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Social Media Platform

  • Easy to connect and communicate with other start-ups, investor and investment industry stakeholders.
  • Complete new way of navigating through the platform.
  • Social Media 2.0
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  • Industry specific tools to support you
  • Canvas builder, Investor readiness, Assessment, Valuation Calculator, etc.
  • Team assessment and due diligence solutions for investors.
  • Help you prepare for fundraising.
  • Match start-ups and investors with our detailed matching tool.
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Partner Place

  • Search, select and engage with vetted and rated service providers.
  • Services like SEO marketing, video generation, start-up consulting etc.
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Why Hamster Connect

Mission Statement

With a social media platform and a toolbox with smart industry-specific tools, Hamster offers an easily accessible global solution to the industry. Delivering ease, trust, and professionalism to the world of start-ups.

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  • Start-ups that are prepared and looking for investors

  • You build your portfolio companies while Hamster finds you deal flow.

  • Unique industry-specific tools to help you search, select and grow your investments.


  • As an early adopter I realised the huge benefits of an integrated solution for the start-up and investor industry. Everything on one platform. Hamster Connect helps me to streamline and find relevant dealflow.

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    Mathew Simons

    Private Equity Investor

  • How you join the community

    • Step One

      • Register to the platform with your name and e-mail address
      • Complete your profile
      • Once approved agreement will be signed.
      • No credit card required
    • Step Two

      • Start sharing news and updates
      • Connect to start-ups and investors
      • Manage who can see what
    • Step Three

      • Become a Premium member
      • Get access to the Toolbox
      • Use our tools and templates
    • Step Four

      • You are on your way!
      • Set up a search profile to find deal flow
      • Set up a search profile to find deal flow
    • Follow these steps to get in

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    Value Proposition

    • Hamster has a unique value proposition for growth company founders, investors and accelerators, who drastically want to increase the success of start-ups or portfolio companies.
    • With our niche social media platform with smart toolbox, Hamster provides an ecosystem with a targeted network and industry specific tools and features.
    • With Hamster you sign up to the community and get access to network, tools and features that will assist you, bring structure and professionalise your journey without the need of multiple service providers and platforms.